Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Fashion Show

Christopher's preschool had their annual Mother's Day Fashion Show and Tea today. This is our first year at this preschool so I wasn't sure what to expect. The kids were told to dress however they wanted- fancy clothes, costume, uniforms, etc...

Deciding what to wear turned into a battle this morning. I had a Giants baseball uniform all set to go. It is baseball season, we love the Giants, easy decision, right? Nope. Christopher insisted on soccer. I begged and pleaded. I bribed with cookies and candy. I laid on the guilt with the "this is supposed to be for me" argument. The other kids even got into it and said they wouldn't play with him. In the end, he won. Oh well. You have to admire his determination.

The kids came out in two's while an announcer described their attire. It was really the cutest thing! They then walked down the aisle/catwalk. Christopher came out with Eli, dressed in his Karate uniform.

Here is Christopher with his best friend Aaron. And yes, they are in the same class. Aaron is about 6 months older than Christopher. My kid is a midget! (But a damn cute one!)

My mom wasn't in town, but I was thrilled to have my mother-in-law there. She raised 7 kids and is an amazing woman! We are lucky to have her live close by.

After the fashion show there was tea and strawberry shortcake.

I received a plate, a heart pin that Christopher made, and an angelic looking picture of Christopher. Which cracks me up because he got in trouble at school Monday for "fake farting" all during class with Aaron. The angelic thing is really a front, get this kid an academy award!

Happy Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

How adorable.... I am happy Mary could be there for Christopher and sorry that I wasn't.

Suzanne said...

I love this idea! So nice to see Mary with you as well.