Monday, June 27, 2011

Know any good microwave recipes?

When we moved into this house 7 years ago, my mom announced that it had the "ugliest kitchen she had ever seen". While I think that may have been a bit harsh, it is pretty damn ugly.

Finally, 7 years later, we are saying good-bye to the kitchen!

The kids have spent the last couple of weeks decorating the walls.

Mostly with tanks, guns, knives and general destruction.

"Goodby wall!"

Demo day finally arrived on June 13th.

By lunch time, this is what our kitchen looked like!

We have set up a temporary kitchen in the garage. I figure after 3 months out here, I will love our new kitchen no matter what. Hell, after 3 months out here, I will probably happily take back the old kitchen!

I am sure the neighbors will get a kick out of watching us eat dinner.

We have a microwave and a toaster oven. Pete has a big BBQ out back that even has a burner. Not bad!

2 weeks in, and this is what we have so far. The wall is gone and there are new wires and cables everywhere. What a mess.

We are really changing the entire downstairs.

Can you believe all that brick?

Well, it is now gone. The mess it made was truly epic. Brick dust sucks when you have bad allergies.

That mess is what some of our ceilings look like now. It has something to do with an audio sound system with speakers in the ceiling and in our bedroom. I care nothing about any of that mumbo-jumbo. That is for Pete. Whatever makes him happy.

So, know any good microwave recipes?


Suzanne said...

I love demo process pictures! It's astonishing how quickly rooms can be torn down. You are definitely in at the point of no return but it will all be worth it.

I can tell you what not to attempt in the microwave: boiling spaghetti. My mom did that when we were girls right after the microwaves were available. It was awful. Times may have changed and it may now be possible, but I'll never attempt it. Seriously, though, I will look through my files and see if I can find you any tasty microwave recipes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow....don't recall I told you 7 yrs ago about your ugly kitchen, although, I know I finally did share my thoughts. Well, it will be beautiful now and worth the wait!