Sunday, July 10, 2011

And then there was one...

Today was Camp Kennolyn drop off day! The boys were super excited. It is Vinnie's first year, but his brothers have been filling him in on camp life for the last several weeks.

First up was our usual stop for lunch at Carpo's. Cousins Peter and Gian were already there waiting for us.

Vinnie is in Angel's Camp, which is for the youngest boys.

He immediately hit it off with Ethan (of course Vinnie could talk a post to death, so I am not surprised he quickly made a friend!) My biggest concern about Vinnie and camp is the food situation. He is the most ridiculously picky eater ever. To make matters worse, he is a cryer. I am picturing many crying meltdowns because he is hungry but refusing to eat. But who knows? Maybe he will actually try a few new things!

Joey is in Davenport cabin with his cousins Peter and Gian. There was also a kid or 2 from previous years that he was happy to see. This is Joey's 3rd year, so he is quite the pro now.

Zachary is in his 4th year at camp. He is in Jamestown cabin, with his best camp buddy Keaton (on Zach's left). They have been in the same cabin for 3 years now. Sam is another friend who Zach has known all 4 years. That is one of the many things we love about this camp--the same kids keep coming back to the same sessions. It was all I could do to get a couple of pictures of Zach before he was off with his friends!

Good by Mom and dad!! See you in 2 weeks!

Which leaves us home alone with Christopher--

So what do you do when you are an only child for the first time? Go jump in the pool all by yourself!

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Suzanne said...

All day long I have been wondering how Christopher felt being an only child! Or Big Man on Campus. What are you doing to do with only one?