Monday, August 15, 2011


In other words, the first day of school. Blech. I just wasn't ready this year. What else is new?

The morning was a complete disaster. Zachary forgot his PE clothes. Pete had to run them over to the school.

Joey couldn't find his backpack. We looked everywhere for it. How do you lose a backpack?? We finally gave him one of Zach's old ones.

Vincent was whining non stop about his hair. Seriously?! He is worse than a girl.

Joey had to leave early to do safety patrol. I was finally ready to leave with Vinnie and Christopher, then Christopher had to poop. This kid poops like a 40 year old man, meaning he sits in there FOREVER. There is just no moving him along. Ugh.

By the time we got to school there was no parking anywhere near the school. I hope Christopher's poop was worth it.

The good parts? Christopher started a new preschool, the CDC at the elementary school and loved it. All the boys seem happy with their teachers, and happy to be back with their friends. And the mornings can only get better, right?

And Mona found Joey's backpack, buried in his room.


Anonymous said...

i didnt need the pe clothes and i knew it gosh!

Suzanne said...

That's a rough start but at least there was a happy ending to the day. So does this mean you are down to two school locations--elementary and middle?