Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 5th birthday Christopher!!

Hard to believe, but my baby is turning 5 today!

As the youngest of 4 boys, Christopher is not your typical 5 year old. In fact, he thinks he is about 10! He is saavy and tough and has no problem holding his own when surrounded by older kids. In fact, he still can't understand why he wasn't allowed to have a sleepover party for his 4th birthday!

Christopher is also our family clown. Here are 5 funny things Christopher has said or done recently:

1. A couple of weeks ago we were having a family meeting about the kids' recent poor behavior around here. We were going around the table asking each one what they can do to make this house more pleasant (ie. stop fighting with my brother, do what I am told, etc...). We came to Christopher last. He looked around and said " I will stop fake farting. Also, I will stop pulling my pants down and showing Vinnie my butt."

2. Last year I asked him who wipes his butt if he poops in preschool. His answer? "We don't poop in school. We only pee. That is why it is called pee-school".

3. When looking for our lost snake last week (who we still haven't found) he pulled his penis out of his pants, started waving it around and said "here he is!"

4. We went down to SoCal this summer to visit family, including my cousin's 3 month old baby. He is a cute little boy with big open eyes. Christopher was staring at him and leaned over and whispered to me "That baby is freaking me out. Look at those eyes!"

5. In his preschool this year there is a little girl with adorable big curly hair. He said to her mom the other day "Is that your little girl? Because she has crazy hair!"

Happy birthday little man!! You make us laugh and keep us on our toes! We love you!

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Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to the best youngest Contini brother! You've got spunk!