Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I guess we better start checking our shoes before putting them on...

Notice anything missing? Yep, Buster Posey (our pet snake) is gone for good this time. I am still not entirely sure what happened. I know I saw him in there on Saturday morning, but when the boys went to take him out Saturday night to play, he was gone. They insist they never left the top off and I believe them because I would have seen it off. There has been a tiny hole in the mesh top for a couple of months, but I didn't think he could get up to it or slither out it. Guess I was wrong. Crazy thing is, a month ago the boys did leave the top off for a few hours and he didn't leave then (despite me thinking he did).

We looked everywhere. I had the kids looking in every shoe, nook and cranny in the downstairs. At one point Christopher yelled out "I found him!" I ran around the corner to see him with his penis pulled out of his pants , wiggling it around. Sigh. When I told Peter what Christopher did he said "I was going to do the same thing!" I think Pete was actually disappointed his 5 year old son beat him to the joke. Double sigh. Clearly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I have a nephew who lost a snake and found him 6 months later. My cousin found her lost snake a year later, his tail dangling from behind a wall hanging. (I have no idea what they were eating that entire time!!). I suppose that means there is a still a chance we will find Buster, but who knows. I don't know if those are unusual stories or if that frequently happens. I am afraid he went down a vent and is stuck. What will happen when we turn the heat on?! I don't want him to suffer. I actually left some of his food (yes, by food I mean a dead pinky mouse!) sitting out by the vent, hoping the smell will lure him out so he can at least eat. (It is starting to get a bit soft and gross though, so i will have to toss it!)

The kids are bummed too, but I think I am the most upset. WAAAAHH!!! If I am this broken up about a snake, I can only imagine how I would act if I had a warm blooded pet that was lost!



Suzanne said...

Boo hoo! I hope he is alive and well somewhere and better yet, I hope he makes his way back home. I'll be optimistic!

Laura said...

Remember when a snake was lost in my house???

I don't mix well with snakes
unless they are shoes

good luck
I will say a prayer for the snake :-)
(and the neon cake will turn into an 80's disco dance party for annie this saturday night! pictures sure to follow!)