Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Pete!

Happy birthday to my husband, the man who wears many hats!

Pete has so many things going on at any given moment, I don't know how he does it.

1. The big thing of course, is that he is a full time pediatrician.

2. He is on our neighborhood board as the communications director. He is in charge of the newsletter, among other things.

3. Currently he is coaching Vinnie's fall ball team.

4. He is also coaching Christopher's soccer team (or as we like to refer to it- "herding cats")

5. He is on the ER committee at the hospital.

6. He writes our office article in the "95120" magazine

7. He is working on a new business venture (which is all I can say here) (also, I am not too thrilled with this one).

8. He is also working with a company as a pediatric adviser to their product.

9. Last but not least, he is a pretty great Dad and husband!

Happy birthday Pete! We love you!

edited to add- I almost forgot! He is also "team doctor" at all the Leland high school football games and is starting work on some pediatric podcasts (Lord knows he loves to hear himself talk!)


Anonymous said...

Peter is a great Dad, husband and son-in-law. I love him like my own.

Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to a great guy who (almost always) wears a smile.