Monday, August 22, 2011

The case of the missing cell phone

So it came to our attention last Friday that Zachary did not know where his cell phone was. He actually wasn't quite sure when he had lost it. I knew that I was texting him on Monday night, so knew he had it then. Too say we were frustrated was an understatement. He has now had this phone for 14 months, and we are already on the third one (thank God for the insurance plan). The first 2 meant their demise via a water death.

I went crazy all weekend tearing apart the house. We looked EVERYWHERE. Under mattresses, cushions, in pants pockets, you name it. I decided to go in to sleuth mode. I went online to our verizon account to see when it was last used. I could tell from records that he was texting at 9 pm on Wednesday. Zachary was insistent he did not bring it to school on Thursday. So it had to be in the house, right? We couldn't find it. But we did find Zachary's St. Christopher medal that went missing 2 years ago.

When Mona (our nanny) came in to work this morning I asked her to keep an eye out for it. She said that when she did laundry on Thursday morning it came out of the washing machine. (What?!) She showed it to Christopher who stated "Oh, that's mine. It is Zachary's old phone." So she gave it to him.

I went to Christopher (as if a 4 year old is going to remember anything). After several minutes of questioning he said he brought it over to a playdate on Thursday. Ugh.

So I called his friend's Mom. Yes, she did remember the phone. She thought Christopher left it in her car. Great!

Except she had a rental car that day. Are you kidding me?!

Surprisingly she was able to track it down at the car rental place and got it back to us today. Totally water logged. A third water death for Zachary's phone.

Thankfully the phone insurance will cover it, because I sure would have hated to kill Zachary in our nice, new kitchen.


Suzanne said...

Wow! Note to self: get insurance when boys do have phones. By then do you think they will have waterproof cell phones? Wait, the phone companies would be against that. Too much revenue would be lost.

Anonymous said...

im sorry i suck at this!

Katie said...

This post is so awesome! Really? She happened to have a rental car? And Christopher claiming the phone for himself...The young ones are so funny. Glad you found it, and it's insured. :)

Your new kitchen is goregous by the way.