Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Fall weekend craziness!

We are nearing the end of our crazy Fall schedule. The calendar below is a sample of what Saturdays are like around here:

Absolute insanity. So what have the Contini boys been up to?

After 2 years of football, Zachary decided not to play this year. He wanted to play more baseball, so is on a juniors Fall ball team. He has now moved up to a full MLB size field. The size difference is huge--last season the base paths were 60 ft long. Now they are 90 ft long.

Zachary has actually done great with the transition, which is no small feat since he is a catcher! The throw from home plate to 2nd base is ridiculous, but he is improving. He is even getting great hits!

Just because Zach isn't playing football doesn't mean we are done with it. Joey is playing his first year of tackle football and is really loving it. I was a bit concerned because it is such a huge time commitment, and Joey is such a lazy complainer at times (Love ya Joey!) that I was afraid he would complain and not want to go to practice. It has been tough at times to get homework done, but he has hung in there!

He is number 12 in the picture above. He has come a long way this season and is getting considerably more playing time that last few weeks, a testament to his improvement.

Vinnie usually plays soccer in the Fall, but also wanted to stick with baseball this season. Pete is coaching him in a Fall ball team. It is the first time that the kids are now pitching. He is doing a little pitching, and is pretty decent at it.

After struggling all season to get a hit, he went all out yesterday. He hit a solid single, but thanks to the beauty of play at this level, a series of errors turned it into a homer! He was so excited it was great to see. He followed it up with another single at his next at bat. His slump is officially over!

And that leaves us with Christopher. I have already posted about Chris and his first real sport. Pete is coaching Chris in soccer (yes, my 4 boys are playing 3 different sports. God forbid they all choose the same sport!). I have to admit, he is kicking butt!

He is playing up an age level, so is by far the youngest and smallest one out there. He is aggressive and not put off at all by the bigger kids. He is the dominant player on his team and is such a kick (ha ha!) to watch! There have been times when parents from the opposing team are cheering him on because he is so cute and stands out so much.

And Pete and I? Not too much. On a last minute whim we ran the Morgan Hill half marathon this morning. It was so much fun. I am grateful to have a husband that shares this passion of mine. I had no idea what time to shoot for as I heard this was a hilly course and I haven't run an official half in a while. My PR on a flat course a couple of years ago was 1:54, so I was hoping for under 2 hours today. Much to my surprise I came in at about 1:51:30!! Woo hoo!! Pete of course kicked my butt, coming in at 1:33. It was a fun course and perfect running weather. We definitely need to do more of these (as if we have the time with the boys' sports schedule!) together.

That about wraps it up. Go Team Contini!!

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Suzanne said...

It's awesome that you and Pete support and encourage your boys in sports as you do.