Sunday, December 18, 2011


13 years ago I had a pretty big surprise.  I was pregnant with my first, but wasn't expecting him for another 5 weeks.  Zach had other plans though, and in the early hours of December 18 made his grand appearance.  Best Christmas gift ever!

On Santa's lap, 6 days old.  Santa was terrified of him! 

Here are Zach's 13 highlights and accomplishment's over the last year:

1.  Skiing the bowls in Deer Valley Utah.  ( I am too scared to even look down them let alone ski them!!)

2. Learning how to play catcher during Spring Little League.

3. Finally being allowed to get the Call of Duty game.

 4. His baseball team winning the Majors championship and moving on to the Tournament of Champions.

5.  Getting straight A's in 6th grade.

6.  Making the All Star baseball team.

7.  Learning to boogie board while on vacation in Huntington Beach.

8. Had a blast his 4th year at Camp Kennolyn.

Camp drop off, seeing his old camp buddies again

9. Playing juniors Fall Ball on the big field and getting several great hits!

10.  Being allowed to ride his bike to the mall.

11.  Serving as alter server for our parish.

12.  He is now babysitting his brothers and getting paid for it.  I admit, this is one of my highlights for the year as well!)

13. He is now a TEENAGER!!

Happy Birthday Zach!!   You surprised me the day you were born and have been an amazing gift ever since.  A go getter from the start,  you will go far in life, accomplishing what you set your mind to do.   We love you!!


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, Zach! You are a pretty fantastic guy!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Zach and I remember the day he was born and the trip to see Santa like it was yesterday! He is an awesome grandson!