Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another First

Vinnie had his first communion last Sunday, our third First in the last 4 years (only one more to go!!)

First we worked on his banner.  I now consider myself an expert on these things!

He worked on his Communion workbook for weeks--I already posted the little gem above, but it is too funny not to post again!

Looking fancy for his big day!  And Christopher must be trying to look angelic.

An actual picture with me in it!  That makes 2 in one month--truly a record.

Here are all the kids in his communion class.  There were 5 boys total--3 of them named Vincent!  How crazy is that?

He was SO serious walking in!  Clearly his teacher put the fear of God in him!

I love that we have a small parish.  Father Larry really knows all the kids and chats with them.

And how did we celebrate?  The way we always do--with a pool party!!  The weather was perfect.

And of course, lots of cupcakes!!

Congratulations Vinnie!  May you always walk with God, and may he get you in to the college of your dreams! 

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Suzanne said...

Happy First Communion, Vinnie! I hope you stay close to Jesus and that receiving communion always feels as special as the first time.