Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Perfect Day!

Start to finish, today was a great one!

While I usually do my long runs on Saturdays, due to an out of town husband and a son with an 8 am game, it just didn't happen for me yesterday.  I was up bright and early and out the door by 6:30 am for a 14 mile run.  While it was a bit rough (bad head winds) I did it.  The best part of a rough run like that?  Finishing!

I came home to this:
An omelet made for me by Zachary!  He has been in to cooking lately and so far has mastered omelets and breakfast burritos.  Thanks Zach!  I was famished after my run and it hit the spot.

We then all went to Mass.  Even Peter, although he spent half the time playing with his iphone so as far as I am concerned it doesn't count.  The readings were on  "Love one another" and was beautiful.

 Present time!  A cute top from my Mom, adorable hand made items from the kids and a darling pink Coach clutch. 
How cute is that??  The hubby did good!

The following is a page out of the book I got from Vinnie (please excuse his constant mixing up of b's and d's.  Is that still normal for an 8 yr old??))

*click to enlarge
Many things about this page cracked me up, but I especially liked Vinnie's guess on my height and weight.   Thanks Vin!

The day ended with a fun backyard BBQ with some friends.  The best part?  Having my Mom in town and getting to spend the day with her and all my boys.  Love you Mom!

And a special shout out to my amazing mother-in-law, Mary.  I will forever be in your debt for the wonderful son you raised.  Thanks Mary and hope you had a great day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Suzanne said...

What an awesome day for you! I cracked up at Vinnie's fill in the blanks. He really knows how to flatter the important ladies in his life.