Monday, July 23, 2012

It's party time here!!!

 The boys left for 2 weeks to Camp Kennolyn yesterday!!  We love this place--Contini cousins have been going there for years.

 We started with the traditional lunch at Carpo's--also known as "The Last Supper" for Vinnie who is such a picky eater, he may not eat again for a while!

 Waiting to check in!
 The lice check--they have never done this before.  Must have been a lice outbreak last year.

 This is Vinnie's 2nd year at camp.  He is in cabin Big Creek.

 Joey is at camp for the 4th year-he is in Grizzly Flats.

 Joey is lucky enough to have cousins the same age to bunk with.

 Zachary is in his 5th year and is a senior camper this year.  He is in Lassen.   Unfortunately he only knows one of the guys in his cabin.  Usually lots of the same kids are there every year.  This year Kennolyn shifted the sessions around a little bit which I think caused boys to be in other sessions.  Zach wasn't bothered though and will certainly makes lots of new friends.

 Drop off is usually quick--the boys are anxious to have us leave so they can start having fun!
And what about Christopher?  Poor kid is stuck home with us.  He is signed up for a week of Camp Gallileo--a local day camp-- to keep him busy.  This morning when we were getting ready he asked if he needed to bring a sleeping bag.  He thought he was going to sleepover camp too!  He was a little disappointed to find out he was going to be coming back home to us.  Next year he will be old enough to join his brothers at Kennolyn.  He can't wait!

And us--we are enjoying the relative silence at home! 


Suzanne said...

We had lice check too! Maybe that is new? Do you guys have to worry about ticks there? Will Zach go next year as a CIT? I can't wait to see camp pictures and look at them with Walker. He still raves and raves about his experience just as I'm sure your boys do too.

Katie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. It must be so weird having the kids out of the house! Almost like vacation, but eerily quiet too. Enjoy your week!