Saturday, August 4, 2012

That wretched smell can only mean one thing...

The boys are home from camp!!

Today was camp pick up day at Kennolyn.  Christopher had been counting off the days until they returned, and was so excited that the day was finally here.

 Vinnie immediately found us and came running over.

 Joey found us quickly as well.

 Zach did his best to avoid us until after the welcoming program.  When he finally did come over to us he gave Chris a big hug (us?  not so much!) Teenagers-what can you do?  Can't live with them, can't give them away.   See Zach's hat?  He received it for being a 5 year camper.  Cool!

 Each cabin came up for introductions.

 The counselors come from all over the world.

After the welcoming program, we spent some time checking out some of the kids' activities.

 Vinnie did cartooning, wall climbing, archery, riflery, animal care, and board diving.

 I was surprised at how much his archery improved from last year!

 He tore up the wall with no fear.

Just to give you a sense of how high the wall is--that is him near the top!

Joey's activities were stained glass (seen above), pool hang out, fencing, archery, riflery, and outdoor cooking.

 There are so many activities to choose from at this camp.

To me it seems redundant to choose both archery and riflery--they are both just shooting at targets.  Boring.  The kids love it though.  Must be a boy thing!

 Zachary's activities were batting cages, photography, rugby, tennis, hockey, and riflery.

 I got exhausted just looking at Zach's activity list!

While he didn't do archery this year, he clearly remembered it from last year and hit a bulls eye!

 When we got home Christopher was excited to show the boys the Welcome Home banner he made them.

We even had a cake (not my best work, but it was done in a hurry!  Vinnie has already had 3 pieces of it.  Not sure of how many meals my uber picky eater missed, but I think it was a few!)

Now I get to spend the rest of the weekend doing laundry.  This is after I had already thrown in the first load (on the steam cycle of course).  What you can not appreciate in this picture is the smell!!

Thank you Camp Kennolyn!!  The boys had an amazing time, like always.  I love how we get to hear camp stories all year long.  They are making memories that will last a lifetime!

Now I need to get back to that laundry.

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Suzanne said...

Your camp is amazing! I'm impressed with the incredible selection of activities (artistic and athletic) to choose from. There is no doubt in my mind that it's a great place and easy to see why the kids want to return year after year. Now if they only had laundry service there...