Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

What can I say?  In some ways December around here was a bit of a bust.  I was sick with a horrible throat infection for a week.  Our sweet cat died.  The stomach flu the reared it's ugly head after Christmas and is still working it's way to each member of our family.

Together on Christmas

But you know what?  We spent Christmas as a family.  And while we have been taking turns with our heads in the toilet, I know this will pass, and we are all truly healthy.  Zach had a birthday in December.  We have a new kitty to love.  We had some fun family days.  Zach and Joey got to travel to New York by themselves.  So our Holidays this year?  A truly wonderful time.

A brief glimpse at things we had fun with and our happy about this Holiday Season:

Look who is 14!
Our traditional Xmas Eve dinner, now done on the 23rd!

Christmas Eve at Aunt Tina's
Christmas Eve

I took Vin and Chris to "How To Train Your Dragon"
Buster, sad that he is gone, but in our thoughts

Christmas Morning

We did the Lego Advent calender this year, and the boys had a blast with it
So happy these guys are now friends!

We went to the Mythbusters Exhibit and had a fun family day this week

Hoping everyone else has as much to be thankful for and happy about this Holiday Season!!

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Suzanne said...

This was a full month! I love seeing the pajama picture. It reminds me of your mom's tradition of new jammies. I will answer your photo questions on my blog today.