Sunday, February 10, 2013

Home Alone, Contini style!

Pete and I had one of our stellar parenting moments today.

Zach had a baseball tournament this weekend.  The plan was to take 2 cars to the games today, because if they won and moved on, Pete was going to have to leave with boys to get them to their practice while I stayed for the second game.

The kids were loaded in the van and Pete and I were packing stuff up in the kitchen.  He said he was leaving, bye meet you there.  A few minutes later I left and noticed the kids and the van still in the garage.  I asked Joey where Dad was.  "He is moving his car" Joey said.  Of course.  He was parked behind the van.  I hopped in my car and left.  A minute later I had a weird feeling.  Where was Pete moving his car to?  I didn't see it out front.  I tried to call him but he didn't answer so I texted him.  He called right back.  "Where did you go?" I asked.  "Remember," he said.  "I left."  "IN YOUR CAR???  I LEFT IN MY CAR!!  THE KIDS ARE HOME ALONE SITTING IN THE VAN!!  UGH!!!"

I was closest so turned around and drove back home.  There they all were, still sitting in the van in the garage, headphones on, watching a movie.

For the record, it was his fault.  He was the one leaving after the first game with the kids, so he should have driven the van, right???


Suzanne said...

I can't stop laughing.

Katie said...

It is so funny that the kids didn't even notice! Did you tell them?