Monday, February 25, 2013

Ski Week 2013

Today ends another fabulous Winter break week.  The back to work doldrums have definitely kicked in!  Boo.

Valentines Day was a few days before we left.  I found the above idea on pinterest for the kids to do for their classmates.  While it was a simple idea, cutting out 90 fishbowls took some time!

I had little gift boxes for the boys.

And made sugar cookies for after dinner.
"Hey!  Where's my treats?"

For the break, we took our usual trip to Deer Valley, Utah.  We usually stay with my aunt and uncle in their place, but they sold it last year.  Waah!!  They surprised us though by renting a place for a couple of weeks for us and our British cousins to come and visit.

The place was amazing! 4 stories big, it even had it's own elevator.

It was a ski in/ski out and had a great mud room with cubbies for everyone to keep their stuff in.
The bottom floor had a pool table and TV and games to keep all the kids busy.

And a hot tub!

The 2 girls on the far right are Izzy and Ellie, our British cousins.  They usually have the same week off, so we have been skiing with them for many years now.  Next to them is my cousin Kelly, who also usually comes for the week.

The house had a great gym with all the equipment one could hope for.  I don't usually run when we are here, but since I am training for a marathon (next week!) I had to run some.  With the house located at approximately 7500 feet, it was challenging!

Skiing with all the boys together was a total blast!

We had great weather most of the days.
This was the gondola ride up.

The boys did the race course a few times.  The above shows Vinnie tearing it up.  He was amazing!  When he raced against Pete he was only 1 second behind him.  I was most surprised this trip with how good a skier Vinnie has become.  In general I would say he is our least athletic child, but this really seems to be his niche.
Kicking back on the "beach"!

Zach and Izzy skied by themselves for 2 days.  They are both comfortable with black diamond runs and were probably thrilled to be left alone to do what they wanted.  Don't they look adorable together??

As always, thanks for a great time Auntie Dede and Uncle Harry!  We hope to be back next year!

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Suzanne said...

I'm exhausted from just reading your recap! After seeing what a lovely time you had on the slopes, it's no wonder re-entry is no fun. Thank goodness you have the marathon to look forward to.