Friday, March 15, 2013

It must be his father's genes...

So yesterday I was volunteering in the library for Christopher's class.  His teacher approached me.  She told me how Christopher had been messing around the other day instead of doing his class work so he had to write "I will be responsible" a few times, bring it home to show us, and bring it back signed. 

The next day he handed it back to her.  She told him that he was supposed to have it signed.  I did he said, and pointed to the top of the page (above the first "will") where he had written "mom".

She was cracking up as she told me about it, and said that it made her day.  I laughed pretty hard myself.  What 6 year old thinks to forge a parent's name?  Not sure if I should be scared or proud.

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Suzanne said...

Posting about it is like framing it. Now it's doing down in history. Love it!