Saturday, April 6, 2013


 I love Easter!!  I find it to be the most fun holiday.  It doesn't involve all the prep work that Christmas does.  The weather is generally nicer than Thanksgiving.  And we have lots of fun traditions!

The traditions start with egg dying, of course.  We also attend the Easter vigil Mass at church, which is on Saturday night.  It is a long, late Mass, but the boys do great at it.  It is such a beautiful Mass, I really love it. 

The "little kid hunt" which includes all the kids younger than Zach
The Easter bunny leaves a trail of jelly beans leading the boys to their Easter baskets in the morning.  We then head over to my Mother-in-law's  house for brunch and fun.  We start off with the "little kid" egg hunt.


 The younger kids get lots of candy (just what they need!)

 After taking a break for brunch, the "big kid" hunt is next.  Most of the big kids are actually adults at this point, but you are never too old for an Easter egg hunt, right?

 What we didn't know, was that the little kids (led by Vinny and cousin William) took their empty eggs and put grass and rocks in them, then ran and hid them while everyone was eating.

I cracked up when I heard!  Nothing like some decoy eggs to keep the big kids on their toes. 

Analisa got  a rock!

Despite all the booby eggs, Zach made a killing! The big kid eggs are mostly filled with money--Zach's take this year was $31!

Although a gray, rainy day was predicted, it was nice and sunny.  The kids were able to spend the rest of the day swimming.

I love this picture of Pete with his Mom and 5 sisters.

With a family this big, it is always somebody's birthday.  Joey's birthday was a few days before and my nephew Gregory's birthday was a few days after.  I made bunny cupcakes for Joey.

Happy birthday!

This year Easter was also mine and Pete's anniversary.  I feel so lucky to have married my best friend.  No one makes me laugh the way he does.  Love you hunny!!

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Suzanne said...

Those young Continis are tricksters! I bet it was so funny to see the big kids get egged, per say. It's always fun to see how the larger Contini clan comes together at Mary's. Long live the tradition and happy anniversary!