Sunday, May 12, 2013

A complete set

Mother's Day for me started last Wednesday with Christopher's class play, "Mother's Day Mice".  Both Joey and Vinny had the same teacher for kindergarten so this was my third time getting to see this play.

Christopher as the bunny

Vinny as the fox in 2010

Joey as the owl in 2008

Zach had a different teacher for kinder, so was not in the play.  Christopher also made me a plate.  A tradition for the kindergartners at Graystone, I now have a complete set!  Well worth the 8 year wait since Zach made the first one in 2005.

The kinder plate set!
 This morning started with coffee in bed from Pete, and breakfast made by Christopher and Vinny- cereal and toast.  It was truly perfect.

But the best gift hands down?  The following from Vinny:

Yes, he is Tebowing.  I busted up laughing when I opened it.  Classic Vinny.  He said,  "Mrs. Fleischer was laughing when she took the picture.  She said she was laughing with me, not at me."  At which point I laughed even more.  I am so grateful for Vinny's teacher this year, who seems to get him and let's him be himself!

A close second was some cool Crossfit shoes!!  I can't wait for class tomorrow!

Happy Mother's day to my  mother-in-law Mary.  She raised not only my wonderful husband but 6 other kids!!  I bow down to her.

And finally a huge Happy Mother's Day to my fabulous mom--wish I was with you today, but you are always close in my heart.  I couldn't have asked for a better mom, or more fantastic grandmother.  Love you!!

Happy Mother's Day!!


Katie said...

Love the complete set! And the shoes look pretty darn cool too. Happy mothers day!

Suzanne said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best ones I know! I am so glad Graystone didn't swap the plate project this year because that set is precious.