Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Congrats Zach!!

 I officially am the parent of a high schooler!!  I have no idea how that happened.  Crazy.  The celebration started last Sunday with a combined graduation party, Contini style.

 Zach's friend Hunter joined us for the party.  Each of the graduates received a cake pop bouquet--Zach's were in Leland High colors.

 The other bouquets represented the schools of the other graduates.

 Starting on the far right, we have nephew Chris, who graduated nurse practitioner school at UCSF,   Zach is off to Leland High, niece Mary is off to Cal Poly, nephew Stephen is off to USC, nephew Scott recieved his Masters at San Francisco State University, and niece Francesca graduated from UC Santa Cruz.  Wow!  How about those Contini's??

 Lots of wonderful decorations, including centerpieces with various pictures of the graduates.

There was a collage of each of the graduates as well.


I was in charge of the dessert table.  I made mini cupcakes, a variety of mini desserts, and brownies.

The mini desserts were lots of fun--I borrowed these adorable tiny dishes and made cherry cheesecake, lemon cloud (a lemon custard type dessert) and something amazing called chocolate fantasy.  Yum!

Monday evening was Zachary's promotion ceremony at Bret Harte.

Zach getting his certificate.

While he has his certificate, school is not officially over yet.  The 8th graders spent Tuesday at Great America, then had class today and tomorrow.  I have no idea what they are doing since they finished finals 2 weeks ago.  Watching movies and hanging out I suppose.  Our tax dollars at work!

We are so proud of you Zachary!  I have no doubt you will do great things at Leland High School!

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Suzanne said...

Congratulations, Zach is right! In fact, that's one smart Contini Clan. What a fantastic celebration for all of the graduates! You will have to tell me if every year there are that many graduations and how much of what was done was part of the regular Contini tradition for celebrations of that ilk.

Those desserts were adorable. Did you make the cake pops too?