Sunday, July 28, 2013


  Today was camp drop off day at Camp Kennolyn.   For the first time, Christopher gets to join his brothers.  Woo hoo!  Not sure who was more excited about that-Chris or us.

We started the day with the traditional lunch at Carpo's.

Check in time!

Joey getting checked for lice.  No lice, but she did point out that
he had sand stuck on his scalp (from our Maui trip 2 weeks ago).  Oops!
Vinny getting his temperature taken

No lice!

"Has you head itched in the last week?" she asked.  "Yes" said Chris.
"No!" Pete and I both yelled.

This is Vinny's 3rd year and he is in Davenport.  The boys are attending a different session than usual, so I did not recognize any of the boys in his cabin.

This is Christopher's first year so he is in Angel's Camp, the youngest boys cabin.

This is Joey's 5th year and he is in Iron Mountain (which I kept calling Iron Man while I was there).  As usual he is in the same cabin as his cousins Peter and Gian.  One of the boys was also from last year.

This is Zach's 6th year, and he is a senior camper.  He is in Mammoth, and not only has the same counselor as last year, but has a few guys in the cabin from last year.

We spent a little extra time with Chris, making sure he felt comfortable. (Although he was fine.  I think I was really making sure I felt comfortable!)

When we left Christopher was hanging with his brothers and cousins.

As an aside, Zach got his braces off last week!  Look at that gorgeous smile!

And Vinny got his braces off a few weeks ago.  He will still need another set in a few years.  This of course means he is at camp with a retainer.  We are taking bets on whether the retainer actually makes it home, and if so, in how many pieces will it be.  My vote is on yes and 3 pieces.

Have fun boys!!  See you in 2 weeks.

Party time!!

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Suzanne said...

TWO WEEKS?! Wow! I won't make any of the normal comments that are popping up around these parts because my boys are gone at camp too, but I'm excited for you and Pete to have Camp Contini. I hope every Contini has a perfect camp session, especially Christopher! The boys all look so big! Wishing them great weather and fun times with cousins and friends--new and old.