Thursday, August 8, 2013

F*&k my messed up ankle

Last week I got some bad news about the ankle that has been bothering me for several months.  Despite not running for 2 months, a few courses of oral steroids, daily celebrex,  and weeks in a boot, an MRI showed several things still wrong, including a torn tendon sheath and tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon sheath).  While I was hoping my podiatrist would just shoot it up with cortisone and call it a day, turns out it isn't that easy (is it ever with me??)  I need to go to Stanford and have some specialist do the cortisone injection under flouroscopy, and will likely have to rest for at least a month after that. And knowing how fast (Not!) things happen at Stanford, I am guessing it will be a month before I can even get the appointment.  And we have a high deductible insurance plan so this little cortisone shot (which is probably $2 worth of medicine) is going to cost about $4000 to get.  

After hearing the news I left the office and burst into tears.  There goes the San Jose half marathon I am signed up for in October.  And the Sacramento marathon I am already signed up for in December (although I knew that was already unlikely given I haven't been running).  I have also had to stop Crossfit, which was the one thing keeping me sane during this running free period.  I spent the day having a little pity party for myself.  What am I left with exercise wise?  Riding a bike.  I hadn't ridden a real bike in about 15 years.  And the bike at the gym makes me want to claw my eyes out.  Now what??

While whining to my running friend, he offered to do some rides with me.  And then he mentioned the thing that sealed the deal.  I would have an excuse to buy cute new work out clothes!  Alrighty then, sign me up!

Last Saturday I went out for the first time.  I used Zach's bike since I don't even own one anymore.  I spent the first 5 miles too afraid to change the gears, which meant on any hill I had to stand and pump.  I finally got the nerve to lower the gears, then could not figure out how to change back, which meant I spent the second 5 miles with my legs spinning crazy fast.  But I did it!!  It felt so good to be outside and moving.  I went out again the following day, and figured out the gears a little better.

So now I cycle.  I bought some padded shorts to help with the sore butt (holy shit!  it hurts!)  I even met my friend Chris for a ride one morning, at least giving me back some of what I miss by not running--chatting with my friends to make the miles go by faster.  He even showed me how to use the gears more effectively.

My running, and now cycling buddy Chris!

Is it the same as running for me?  No, and I doubt it ever will be.  But it is fun, and I think wil keep from going insane while waiting for my ankle to heal!

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Suzanne said...

I'm glad new bike shorts were the incentive you needed to get out and get moving. It's great that Chris was able to join you. The fellowship with our runner (and cycling) friends is definitely one of the best parts of getting a workout in. Wishing you many happy miles!