Thursday, September 5, 2013

No, I am not having an affair

A couple of days ago I received the above flowers.  They were a thank you gift from the orthodontist for referring him a patient.  Today our nanny relayed to me the conversation the boys had when they arrived.

When they arrived Joey brought the flowers to the kitchen.  Vinny was at the table doing homework.

Vinny:  "Wow.  Do you think Mom is seeing someone??"

Joey:   "It is called "having an affair".  Geez Vinny.  If you are going to say it, at least get it right."

Vinny  "So is she?  Because I know Dad didn't send them to her!"

At which point the nanny ran in the kitchen to reassure them that she was sure I was not having an affair.

There are two take home messages from this story.  1-My husband obviously never sends me flowers.  and 2- I need to pay more attention to what the kids are watching on TV.


Suzanne said...

Know what I get out of the story? That referral must have needed a lot of work!

Tom Bartman said...

How hot is your orthodontist?

Doug said...

I thought they already weren't watching TV! They're picking this up somewhere else, Michelle.

Katie said...

LOL! Kids say the funniest things! Also, it sounds like Joey was more worried about Vinny's incorrect phrasing than the possible affair. ;)