Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Golden Controller!

Christopher wearing his "golden sponge"
 At Camp Kennolyn, the cabin who has been the cleanest all session wins the coveted "golden sponge".  This year Christopher's cabin won it!  All the boys were so excited about it, we decided to do something similar here.  We decided we would award a weekly prize to the child who did their chores the best and without complaining, and kept their room the neatest.

To keep them motivated there has to be something more to it than just knowing you were the neatest all week.  Since my boys are not allowed any screen time Monday-Thursday, screen time is very special around here.   We decided the winner would earn 2 30 minute blocks of midweek screen time.

Introducing the Golden Controller!

I found a plastic wii controller and spray painted it gold.

*click to enlarge
We made up a weekly chore chart that we could easily edit each week to shuffle the chore load.
The kids were pumped all week, and couldn't wait to hear who the first winner would be.  

 It was decided the announcement would made at dinner.  Amid much fanfare (the kids were drum rolling on the table) Joey was announced as the winner.  

He immediately jumped up and started giving a speech, like an academy award actress.   "Omg, omg, omg.  I can't believe I won!  I mean I know I was nominated and that you were all voting, but I just can't believe it!"  We were all cracking up.

And no, that is not blood on his abdomen.  It is BBQ sauce.  Clearly the golden controller did not go to the neatest eater.

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Suzanne said...

You two are some of the most clever parents I know. That incentive is awesome! I always love it when the prize costs nothing but has great value.