Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Father's day always leaves me with a touch of sadness.  My Dad died about 6 1/2 years ago.  My boys will only have the faintest of memories of him, and will never know what a great, hard working man he was.  Pete's Dad died when Pete was 15, so I never got to meet the man who gave me such a wonderful husband.  Our grandfathers each passed many, many years ago.

My Dad and I

While my boys don't get to grow up with their grandfathers, they are lucky to have an amazing Dad!  I could not have chosen a better father for our boys.  He is as involved in their lives as he can be, coaching them, taking them to ball games, and teaching them about life.  With Pete as a role model, I know they will be great fathers too one day.

 While I gave the boys the idea to make the above card, they went to the store themselves and came up with what to say.  It says " Sorry we couldn't get you a trip to the Milky Way or an orbit around  the moon, because we are just kids we don't have our own Payday.  However we hope this Satisfies you enough, and brings you Mounds of Joy.  We thank you so much for being an Extra Mega special Dad and Mentor.  From your 4 nut jobs- Zach, Joey, Vinny, and Chris"

Happy Father's Day Pete!  You are the best Dad ever.   I even forgive you for rearranging the kitchen cupboards while I was gone this morning (seriously, who does that without even asking their wife??).

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Suzanne said...

It is hard to believe that it has been six and a half years since Your dad passed away. I'm always grateful that I had an opportunity to know him.

Pete has big shoes but your awesome kids will meet the challenge or get embarrassed to death by their father in some grand and humorous way.