Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp Kennolyn!!

Finally, the day we have all been looking forward to all summer long--camp drop off day!

 They were excited and ready to go this morning!

 The first feat was getting all 4 camp trunks in the van--No problem!

 Next up was the traditional lunch stop at Carpo's in Soquel.  Cousins Peter, Gian, and William met us there.

 After getting through the parking line, and temperature check, it was time for the lice check.  Fast and easy thanks to my boys' freshly shaved heads (courtesy of their father while I was out running errands yesterday)
 Off to find everyone's cabin...

 This is Christopher's 2nd year- he is in Angel's Camp once again (the youngest boys cabin).  He was excited to see he has the same counselor and a friend in his cabin from last year.

 This is Vinny's 4th year at Kennolyn.  This year he is joined by his cousin William who is at Kennolyn for the first time.  They are in Iron Mountain together.

 This is Joey's 6th year--as always he is with his cousins Peter and Gian.  Luke (on the end in the Oregon shirt) has been in their cabin almost every year the last 6 years.

 Last but not least, Zach is in his 7th year at Kennolyn and is a CILT (camper in leadership training) this year.  Being a CILT is the first step to being a counselor (which he really wants to do).  He spends part of the session doing his own fun activities, and part of the time helping out with a younger cabin.  He is in Fiddletown with several guys he has known for years.

 Contini cousins representing!

See you boys in 2 weeks!!

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Suzanne said...

Yay for camp! I thought about you Saturday as we picked up Walker from his. What fun times lie ahead for all six of you. Love the short haircuts.