Tuesday, August 12, 2014

They're home!!!

Saturday was pick up day at Camp Kennolyn!   As always, Pete and I had a fabulous time while the kids were gone, but by Thursday of the 2nd week I am missing them tons and can't wait to get them!

We were almost at camp, minutes away when my phone rang.  From the number I knew it was camp.  Uh oh.  It was the camp nurse--Chris came to see her with a sore throat and head ache.  He didn't have a fever so she sent him to breakfast.  After breakfast he threw up (from the top bunk in his cabin. To quote his counselor "He was clearly going for distance")  Poor guy.  At least he didn't get sick until the last day.  We went to the nurses office to get him, gave him motrin, and went to the opening ceremonies (may as well- I am sure he had already infected half the camp by that point!)

(excuse the crappy pictures- I forgot my camera and had to use my iphone)

Christopher, with his head down--not feeling well
One by one the cabins come out, the counselors introduce themselves,  then the cabin gives a cheer.

 I like hearing about the counsleors.  Many of them were campers here, lots are from other countries.  Kennolyn hires quality staff--there were some impressive schools and majors!

 Joey's general counselor (one of the tall guys above) was a camper here, just graduated from Cornell in computer science,  and has an engineering job at Google waiting for him when the summer is over.  Wow!

You can't really see Zach in this pic, but he is in the khaki shorts in the back, here with his fellow CILT's

After the introductions we got to walk around and see some of the kids' activities.

 Christopher had animal care, outdoor adventure, outdoor cooking,

art, fun science, and riflery.  Christopher said his favorite meal there was either the chicken drumsticks or the turkey and ham sandwich, and his favorite day was beach day.  His least favorite thing was throwing up that morning.  By the time we got home from camp on Saturday he had a fever of 102.  Poor guy.

Vinny's activities were wall climbing, archery, riflery,

drama, pool hang out,

and fencing.   Vinny lost 2 teeth while at camp!  And much to my surprise the tooth fairy found him and left him a Susan B. Anthony coin each time.  Sounds like Kennolyn's tooth fairy is much more reliable than the Contini family tooth fairy!  When asked what his favorite meal was he said pizza.  His favorite day at camp was beach day.

Joey's activities were pool hang out, fun science,

 outdoor cooking, hockey,

and his favorite- BMX riding.  When asked what his favorite meal was he said the chicken patty sandwich, and his favorite day at camp was beach day and boardwalk day (where he ate an entire deep fried twinkie dipped in chocolate.  Gross).

Zachary was a CILT this year, a camper in leadership training.  This is the first of a three year training process to be a counselor.  He spent his morning with a few activities like a regular camper.  In the afternoon he had leadership activities with the other CILT's.   He was assigned to a younger cabin to help out the counselors.  His activities were  senior pool hang out,

 senior wall climbing (I was shocked at how fast he got up that wall!)

and carpentry.

His favorite meal was Thanksgiving dinner, and his favorite thing in camp was helping out with cabin Big Creek.  He is hoping he gets invited back next year because he really wants to be a counselor.

Christopher and his counselor Spencer-he was also his counselor last year and he loved him!  This is the poor guy who had to clean Christopher's vomit. 
 After seeing their activities, and cleaning out their bunks (omg) we had lunch there.  At times we were joined by counsleors who sat and chatted with us.

Vinny and his 2 counselor's.  Ben, on Vinny's right, was Christopher's JC last year.

I can not say enough good things about this camp.  A wonderful array of activities to choose from, fantastic staff, and a beautiful location.  The kids see the same counselors year after year and they always seem to remember the boys. Yes, I miss them while they are gone (well, eventually I do.  :-) ), but I know they are having such a blast.

What don't I like?  The laundry!  Seven loads, plus an entire bag of clothes that went straight in the trash.  And don't even get me started on the smell.  Yikes!

We already signed the boys up for next year-- 11 1/2 months and counting...

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Suzanne said...

You have an amazing number of photos of the boys in the activities and one very important one that is missing. Poor Christopher! I can imagine the bunk scene all too vividly on my own.