Wednesday, August 13, 2014

School time! (Already??)

I swear summer just started a few days ago, but nope, it's back to school time around here.  Boo.

Zach is starting 10th grade.  He has a zero period class so he was out the door EARLY this morning at 6:45.  I said a quick good-bye to him before my run, and he was long gone when I got home.  He is home, and said he likes all his classes and teachers (although I don't think he has ever not liked a class or teacher).

Joey is rockin' 7th grade this year.  He was excited to see all his friends today.  He has a few of Zach's old teachers so got the low down.

Vinny is now big man on campus in 5th grade.  He has Mrs. Subrmaniam.  We have never had her, but I have heard she is very strict.  She will have her work cut out for her with the Vin Man!

Christopher is in 2nd grade.  He has Mrs. Huerta and Mrs. Schwender and is excited because he has lots of friends in his class.  Vinny had Huerta/Schwender when he was in 2nd grade-luckily for Chris Vinny set the bar very low behaviorially so he should be just fine.  Haha!

 The tradtional group shot, which had to wait until after school this year.

And their new shoes.  We are taking bets on who will rip through theirs first--anyone else want in?

Happy Back to School everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

New shoes are very cool ....I have such good looking grandsons :)