Friday, December 26, 2014

A very merry Contini Christmas!!

Pete and I dressed up for a party at our Crossfit gym

 The Christmas Season just flew by!  Our October and November were completely crazy with work (our office implemented an electronic health record) and other things so I vowed to make things simple this year.  I felt like I did a pretty good job sticking with that, while at the same time still enjoying a lot of the traditions we have as a family.

 We got to watch Chris in his class Winter recital.

 I wasn't planning on the gingerbread house this year, figuring the kids were getting old and probably didn't want to anyway.  Much to my surprise they asked and all had a blast decorating it.

 Every year we hit the Fantasy of Lights in Vasona.  Took us forever to come up with a night when we all 6 of us were available.  We finally had a night, and were getting ready to go when Zach got a better offer--a movie with some friends.  I was bummed he wasn't with us, but also understand he would rather be with friends.

Because it was so close to Christmas, and a Saturday, we had to wait much longer than usual- 1 hr 10 minutes!!
It was fun and we were glad we stuck it out.

 This year we hosted the annual "Little Cousins" gift exchange (yes, there are so many cousins in Pete's family that we have to divide them up--Zach on up comprise the "older cousin" set).  We played the white elephant gift game, and everyone was pretty happy with their gifts.

 Christmas Eve we had a great dinner and evening at my sister in law's house (and I forgot my camera-Boo to that).
Christmas 2014

 Every year the kids get matching Xmas jammies (which I usually give to them on Thanksgiving), and I take a photo on the fireplace.  This year I sort of forgot about the pajamas until the last minute.  I ran to the mall on December 23rd to find some.  Nope.  No pajamas to be found--Old Navy did not have a single pair of men's or boy's pj's.

Christmas 2013
Luckily Contini boys don't grow very fast so they wore last years jammies!

 The tree on Christmas morning, waiting for the boys to wake up.

 Holding their gifts from Santa-- what could it be?

 Looks like Santa ran by the Apple store on the way to the Contini house!!

Our turn!

And the aftermath...

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends!

And Zachary got his driver license today!  Way to go Zach!!

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Suzanne said...

So do you always have a SF mat in front of the fireplace or was that there so Santa had a good place to wipe his feet?

What great holidays around your parts! You all look so good especially you in the gorgeous green dress.