Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy 16th Zach!!

 16 years ago today, the most amazing thing happened to us--Zachary was born and I became a mom!

Zach with his girlfriend Helya, at Homecoming

Today was all about Zachary--pancakes and bacon for breakfast and his favorite, home made mac and cheese for dinner.   Per family tradition, the discussion at the dinner table was all about Zach.  Chris said that Zach makes yummy food for him (he must mean Kraft mac n cheese which is what he usually makes them if he is baby sitting).  Vinny said that Zach was  nice and did things with him when he asked.

The cupcakes Helya made for him today

 Joey likes how Zach will lend him good books to read (currently Joey is reading Zach's Tesla book).  We talked about how as the oldest, Zach helps pave the way for his little brothers, and how special being the oldest is.
Zach and I had some great mother and son time last weekend at
the Dickens Fair in San Francisco- an enjoyable afternoon.

And we could not have asked for a better oldest son-Zach is responsible, loyal, honest, kind and has grown into a young man that I am proud to call son.

Welcome to 16 Zach!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful grandson so handsome, responsible and smart