Saturday, March 28, 2015

Teen number 2 !

We have another teenager in the Contini house (there goes our grocery bill...)  Joey turned 13 yesterday!   For a couple of weeks I kept meaning to look at the calendar and figure out a date that would work for him to have some friends over to hang out and stay the night.  So yesterday as I was looking at the calendar I realized that that night was actually the bext option for the forseeable future.  The next few weekends were so booked it was going to get pushed into May.  Shoot.

The pool was NOT heated-- in the mid 60's!  That didn't stop the
 kids fromjumping in.  Brrr...

So I texted Joey at lunch suggesting we do it that night, and named a few friends I thought he would like to have over, and asked him if there was anyone else.  He got back to me with a total of 8 names.  8?  I figured on 5 hours notice several wouldn't be able to make it, so said sure.

All 8 came!!  A couple had to come over later, a couple couldn't stay the entire night, but all 8 made it at some point.  In retrospect I am not surprised.  Joey is one of those kids that everyone likes- he has tons of friends.  He is nice to everyone ( I honestly have never heard him say a mean thing about anyone.  Except his brothers.  But that doesn't count, right?)  and people just like being around him.  Or maybe his friends lead boring lives and no one really had anything better to do.  (just kidding!!)

OMG.  Look at his ribs.  I swear we feed him daily.
The cupcakes were already made since it was his actual birthday and we were planning on eating some that night.  After work I ran and bought a bunch of pizzas, Pete heated up the hot tub, and voila' we had a birthday party!  Maybe it is their age, or maybe it is his group of friends (who are all really nice kids) but they were easy.  They swam, played some video games, and watched a (only mildly inappropriate) movie.

In the morning I whipped up some breakfast- donuts, scrambled eggs and bacon.  Yum!

So what did nine 12 and 13 year old boys consume?  6 large pizzas, 2 bags of chips, 12 donuts, a dozen eggs and 2 pounds of bacon!  Not to mention cupcakes and ice cream.  It was impressive.

Hope your day was awesome Joey!


Suzanne said...

Wh, the grocery bill! Happy birthday, Joey. May you always be blessed with an abundance of friends and a happy smile.

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