Tuesday, April 14, 2015

And the Tony goes to...


This past weekend was show weekend for Vinny and he did amazing!

He was the lead Troy Bolton, in High School Musical.  This was a huge jump after being Munchkin #2 in The Wiz a few months ago.  But he worked hard, singing High School Musical songs non stop around the house (I still can't get them out of my head!)

May I present Vinny Contini as Troy Bolton!

The entire show was fantastic!!  I admit I was so nervous the first half of his first show that it was hard to enjoy.  I was actually sick to my stomach for him.  He had so many people rooting for him in the audience--what if he sucked??  I knew he could sing at home, but that is very different than singing on stage, while dancing, in front of 150 people.  But he killed it!

From the right- Ally who played Kelsi, Kristina who played Jacki Scott, Vinny, and Aiden who was Troy in the other cast

Above is Vinny with the 3 other kids in our carpool-- a total blast driving these kids to theater.  One night Pete drove for me--shortly after I received a text from him- "Omg.  They all 4 talk non stop and sing with every song on the radio- it's like having a carload of Vinny's!"  I cracked up-- Yep, Vinny is a theater kid!

Vinny with Bella, his Gabriella.  She was a total doll and had an amazing voice!  These two really hit it off and clearly were having a blast together up on the stage.

Vinny was supported by an enormous following!  Below is just a portion of the friends and family who came out to support him:

Aunt Fran and Nani

Cousin Analisa (and her boyfriend Christian!)

 His kindergarten teacher- the fabulous Gretchen Jung.  Vinny's first taste of theater was the Mother Day Mice play in her kindergarten class!

Vinny, age 6 years old, in Mothers Day Mice

Vinny with 3 of the boys from his baseball team-Franky, Wills, and Evan (and of course Christopher)

The Healy and Case families
Grandma Liz and Aunt Gina came from Southern California

Many other cousins (and aunts!)

And the list goes on- The Landines, our nanny Mona and her grandkids and Aunt Lisa.  Vinny was so excited to see all the support.

I made the gift bags above for our carpool kids-- a bag of brownies with the HSM school logo on it.

For my own star I did something different- an idea I borrowed from my lovely friend Suzie.  I bought a fake bouquet of flowers from the Dollar Store, glued mini pieces of candy in the roses, then wrapped it in red and white ribbon. Vinny loves Starburst and Hersheys so I went with that.

A clip of his singing:


Vinny, you are a star!!


Suzanne said...

Wow! \From all you have ever said about Vinny's inner actor, I could have told you he would have shone on stage. What a blessing to have such a large turnout of fans. I wonder how long before his feet hit the ground again. Your bouquet is just adorable too.

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