Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Day of School!

Seriously, it feels so wrong to say that in the middle of August!  Oh well.  6 more weeks until Fall break.

Our traditional first day of school picture- 3rd grade, 6th grade, 8th grade and 11th grade

To compare, here they are in Pre-k, 2nd grade,  4th grade and 6th grade

 Everyone's new shoes!

 Zach is in 11th grade--an upper classman!  Clearly an upper classman is way too cool to have his picture taken outside where people may actually see the event.  Whatev.

 Joey is in 8th grade this year, big man on Bret Harte campus.

 Vinny is in 6th grade in his first year of middle school.  I figured he would want to walk to school with Joey, but he wanted to ride by himself.  Bret Harte is not going to know what hit them with this kid.

 And finally Christopher.  He is in 3rd grade, my lone child at Graystone.  I think he is thrilled to finally have the school to his self.  Hopefully he will no longer be called "Mini Vinny" anymore.

He has Mrs. Cho this year.  None of my other boys have had her for a full teacher, but Vinny had her for math only in third grade.  This is the teacher that sent Vinny home with a red slip for "dancing in class" (it was Gangam Style).    We had Chris practice some dance moves for her.  Lol

He was pretty mopey getting out of the car, but was happy as can be to see 2 of his good buddies in class.

Have a good first day everyone!!

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Suzanne said...

Having been in school since 8/6, I feel your pain and sadness. I was not ready! Happy faces on your blog made me smile. Everyone is maturing so much!