Tuesday, September 8, 2015

50 never looked so good!

Happy 50th birthday to Pete!  My God--a half a century!  I can not imagine.  Luckily I am much younger so don't have to for a while.  Lol.  Just kidding Pete!

 You were an adorable baby!

And an adorable teenager-- I totally would have had a crush on you back then!

You are a great little brother and son.

I love how you have shared your love of sports by coaching our boys on various teams.

You can still tear it up on the slopes!

You have been the best husband and father I could have imagined.

fastest time of the day!
50 years old and the oldest in our morning Crossfit class--still beat us all in class today!

And look how hot you are at the beach!  50 has never looked better.

I love you tons and hope I get to love you through your next 50 years.  Happy birthday.

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Suzanne said...

Those are such great reasons to celebrate! Happy birthday, Peter!