Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Day of School!

Party is over boys, school is back in session!  Everyone leaves at different times now, so I had to wait until after school to get a group shot

Joey was first to leave this morning--he is now joining Zach at Leland High School as a freshmen.  He is thrilled to no longer have to share a school with Vinny.  Bret Harte just wasn't big enough for the 2 of them!

Vinny was next to leave--starting his 7th grade year at Bret Harte.  For the first time, he has a school to his self!  Not sure who he is going to annoy.

 Christopher left next--off to 4th grade at Graystone.  He was happy to hear who his teacher is-- the same 4th grade teacher that Zach and Vinny had.  Joey had her for math only in 4th grade. Mrs. Medlin will be the only teacher at Graystone to have taught all 4 of the Contini boys!  Poor thing--she should probably get a raise for that.

Chris happy to find a friend in class.

Last but not least, his last first day of school- Zach! As a senior this year at Leland he is only taking 5 classes.  He wanted to get out early every day so requested periods 0-4.  So what did he get?  Periods 2-6.  Oh well, at least he can sleep in a little and leave a little later most days

 Not sure what year we started the shoe picture, but here it is!

I caught them all after school for our annual group shot--presenting Contini boys, 2016!  I looked back over the years and realized we have been doing this shot since day 1!

Zach's first day of kindergarten, 2004

Joey's first day of kindergarten, 2007

Vinny's first day of kindergarten,  2009

Christopher's first day of kindergarten, 2012

And now I need to go get a tissue.  *sniff sniff*

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