Friday, March 7, 2008

Haircut Day!!

My boys all had their hair cut today. Because we have all boys, that job falls to Pete. He takes them to a great (and overpriced) kids place and they all get their hair cut together, including Pete. Our camera battery died when Christopher had his first haircut 6 months ago so I had no pictures of that event. Peter kept forgetting the camera until today. I will change the date of this and stick it under his first haircut. He hasn't grown much since then anyway!

My handsome men!


Suzanne said...

I am impressed with your handsome group! Pete's a trouper. Bill would NOT let one of those stylists touch his hair even it meant saving a little time to get three haircuts at the same time.

We tried one of those kids' cuts places here and ended up looking for a barber again. It took us a while to find one that a) did a good job and b) didn't cringe when the kids sat down. I am incredibly lucky that my kids sit very still and quietly so there is no scene. Turns out we found a barber shop here where the barbers are father and daughter just like we had in Redlands.

cardiogirl said...

Look how cute your men are!