Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is that roadkill or a birthday cake?

I was feeling pretty guilty for not having an actual party for Christopher's birthday, so figured the least I could do was make him a special cake. After Joey's pirate cake and Zach's football cake I think I am hot stuff with a roll of fondant! I asked the boys what they thought Christopher would like, and they decided he would like a doggy cake. Here it is!

First I baked a large round and small round cake.

Then frosted the entire thing with cream cheese frosting.

I dyed and rolled fondant for all the decorations. Yeah, I know, the paws don't match the frosting. I tried.

Woof! I admit, his face looks a bit evil. He also looks a bit like road kill, all splattered with his tongue hanging out.
The birthday boy didn't mind one bit though.


Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, Michelle! You are amazing. This is so cute especially since I think you created it out of your own imagination. (If you didn't, no one needs to know that!)

cardiogirl said...

Wow! How fun is that? Cream cheese frosting is my absolute favorite!

A note regarding fondant: Does it taste good or is it simply for decoration?

Mixing it with dye seems so difficult. That's where I would ditch the recipe and go to the store. I don't have the patience.

Well done!

Eudae-mamia said...

Michelle - that looks great!!

It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movie quotes "Thanks Ouiser, nothing like a good piece of a**!

Too bad it wasn't red velvet cake. I think that might have mentally scarred the boys though.

Seriously, way to go Mama! Very cool.


Cynthia said...

That is a crack-up! It's really good though. My Mom is cake person too, looks like she finally has some competition.

Andrea said...

I love the cake! You are the fondant queen:) I love makng cakes but have never used fondant before. . . will have to give it a try!

Stacey said...

That is to cute. I wish I had your talents.