Friday, February 13, 2009

And then lightening struck again...

I can't even believe it. I had my root canal 2 days ago. I was definitely improved afterwards, but was having pain in one of my other teeth. I kept thinking it must have just been from them mucking around. I just kept popping the vicodin and was wondering why I was such a wimp when others kept telling me they were completely fine after their root canals.

I was brushing my teeth last night and felt such a shot of pain I literally fell over and started to scream. The same pain, but worse and in a different tooth. I was besides myself. We were leaving on a trip in less than 36 hours and I was in so much pain I could only pop more vicodin, motrin and benadryl to make it tolerable.

Back to the endodontist this morning (who I had to page on his day off. Thanks Dr. Yokota!) to hear I need another root canal.

I would have taken another picture, but really, what was the point? I was wearing the same suffocating latex dental dam.

At least I was wearing underwear this time.


Andrea said...

2 root canals in less than a week!!! That is my version of an awful nightmare!

Have a great vacation now:)

Stacey said...

Wow 2 root canals. I have never had one. But I heard they are painful. I hope you are feeling better and that you enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

My Poor Baby! Love Mom

Eudea-Mamia said...

Oh Michelle!!

Silver lining: you could have already been on your trip?

Oh, and a Vicodin script!

(Though, I've always wondered, can't Hubs just write you a prescription? What are the rules on that?)

Thanks for watching the PKU video. I'm seriously going to send it to my dietician. My geneticist, on the other hand, wouldn't laugh if you paid him a million bucks. Awesome dude to work with peds :-( Lab rat!

I love your mom's comment!!

Suzanne said...

I seriously would like to know what percentage of people who have never ever had a single root canal end up having two in one week.

I am really just so grateful that since it did happen, it happened at home. Have a great trip!

cardiogirl said...

That bites donkey. For sure. I have had many (cringes) um, most of my molars are crowned and have been slayed by the dentist dragon.

So I completely feel your pain and hope you never see that dude (or any kind of root canal man/woman) again.