Monday, February 23, 2009

We're back!!

We are back from our 5th annual ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah. As usual it was totally awesome. Despite the rotten week I had prior to the trip (a horrible cold and 2 root canals!), the trip went smoothly. The following is a list of the highlights of our trip (in no particular order-- I am not that organized!)

1. The snow
We had incredible snow to ski in. It snowed almost constantly for 3 days,. This was, at times, a bit cold to ski in (a wimp, I know. Don't forget I am from California) but was so much fun for skiing.
This was our rental car after it snowed 11 inches overnight. The kids were obsessed with wiping the snow off it.

2. Hanging with my 7 year old cousin Kelly.

She lives in San Diego and is the youngest daughter of my Aunt Margie. I was close to her 2 older sisters when they were little, but had moved away before Kelly was born. She flew up by herself to visit. I was excited at the prospect of getting to be a mom to a girl for a week.
She was a total kick and immediately fit right in with my boys. As for getting to mother a girl? Not much different. She was as wild as my boys and talked about farting as much as they do. Go figure. She was so much fun that we are going to have her come visit for a week this summer.

The kids after ski school with Uncle Harry.

Kelly had a super loose tooth one night (which wigged out Joey. He has some weird issue with loose teeth. Drives Peter nuts.)

Peter jumped at the chance to pull out her toothMission accomplished!

3. My new hat!

I am a pony tail gal. I prefer to have my hair up with any type of physical activity. This has made it hard to wear a hat (other than a baseball hat). I found this awesome hat at Girl 32 with an adjustable spot for a pony tail.
Don't mind my bushy eyebrows. I haven't worked up the courage to get them waxed since the big debacle last month.

4. Skiing with my kids

We started this trip 5 years ago and put Zachary in ski school. Joey started ski school a couple of years later, and this was Vincent's first year. It is amazing to watch how fast they improve! I have to say that Zachary officially passed us up this year. He took lessons the first 2 days and skied with us for 3 days. He even talked us into going down a black diamond run. He was at the bottom before I even got the nerve to start. I am not sure how much longer he will be willing to ski with us!

Riding the gondola up. This is where we were sitting when I realized we had forgotten to call the kids in sick. Crap. I am sure the office girl at the school really believed us when we told her both boys were sick and wouldn't be in all week. Oh well. They were in school. Ski school. That counts, right?

Joey also did great! He was in ski school for 4 days and skied with us the last day. He is quickly catching up to Zach. He was so wiped out that he actually fell asleep on the chairlift towards the end of the day. Unfortunately he was with Pete at the time, who didn't think to take out his phone and take a picture.

As I mentioned, this was Vinnie's first year and he was beyond excited. He looked so adorable in all his gear! His teacher on the last day was surprised to hear it was only his first week of skiing, because he was doing so well. After class on the last day we decided to take him up on the chairlift and do one run with him. After talking non stop the entire way up ("Wow", said the poor guy sharing the lift with us, "must have been the chicken fingers they had for lunch". ) he proceeded to talk the ENTIRE WAY down the hill. I do not think the ski school charged us enough to deal with that for 5 straight days! He did great though.

5. Our great hosts and accommodations

We go to Deer Valley because my aunt and uncle have an incredible "cabin" there. If you can call over 7000 sq ft on a hill overlooking downtown Park City a cabin! Auntie Dede and Uncle Harry are wonderful hosts and make it truly a vacation to remember.

There is a home theater that the kids love.

A hot tub with views over looking Park City. There is a also a home gym (in case skiing 6 hours a day isn't enough exercise for you!)

6. Delicious food

Nothing beats my aunts home-made chile rellanos after a day of skiing. We have great food for lunch. The resort has nice restaurants that you literally ski up to, pop off your skis, have an incredible meal, then ski right back out. My aunt and Uncle also watch the kids for us one night so Pete and I can go into Park City for a 5 star meal. Despite this non stop eating, I usually don't gain a single pound. Got to love what skiing for 5-6 hours a day does for your metabolism!

7. Coming home to Christopher.

We left him home this year with our nanny. I felt horribly guilty about it, but for various reasons we decided it was for the best. I missed him tons and was excited to see him again. Next year he is coming with us.

Bye Deer Valley and Auntie Dede and Uncle Harry! We hope to see you next year!


Cynthia said...

Omg! You guys look like you had such a fun time. I'm totally jealous I couldn't fly out and partake in the snow-filled activities. (I mean, who doesn't love scraping snow off of a car?)
Kelly never talks about farting at home. I think the boys obviously had a very "positive" influence on her. Haha. I also can't believe she let Peter pull out her tooth; she must have been feeling brave.
So happy yall had fun, I might have to accompany Kelly when she comes and visits this summer! ;)

Love ya!

Suzanne said...

The fifth year already? Since the week leading up to the trip was so chaotic, I'm glad it was a smashing success. What a cool knit cap!I just found a pattern for one of those. I might have to knit up a few. :-)

I'm glad you are back. I missed you!!!

Andrea said...

What a fun vacation! I love to ski and ski with my boys (well just Jaden so far). Never skied Utah before though but would love to someday. . . thanks for sharing!

That ponytail hat was awesome, I hate the feeling of my long hair against my neck with a hat on, but always thought there was no other choice. . . until now;)

Aunt Becky said...

That looks like an amazing vacation! Thank you for your sweet comment. It means so much to me.

cardiogirl said...

psst, Aunt Becky? Will you adopt me? I already want Michelle's mother to adopt me. That would make us sisters and you could be my aunt if you're not ready to handle the full commitment of parenthood again.

Oh. Hi Michelle. I love that hat, what a fun concept. Now you have a cute hat face and that works for you and I didn't even notice your eyebrows, by the way. They look good to me.

But I do not have a hat face so I'll have to admire yours from afar.

What a fun vacation! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Karly said...

Looks like you all had a blast! And that pony tail hat? TOTALLY AWESOME!

Laura said...

Glad you are back!!!! What an adorable family you have!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Deer Valley to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!