Monday, March 23, 2009

And then for his encore...

Poor Vinnie had a bit of a rough weekend. On Friday night we were at Zach's baseball game. The younger kids were playing at the park right behind us. We heard screaming and turned around to find some mom carrying Vinnie over to us. Not sure exactly what happened (yes, I know. Bad Mom moment.), but Vinnie had a bleeding cut under his eye

Wouldn't you just kill for those eyelashes?!

Luckily we happened to have the special skin glue at home, so after the game Pete glued him.

Vinnie was an awesome patient!

Sunday during Mass he started complaining of a stomach ache. I didn't make much of it because Vinnie ALWAYS complains of stomach aches. Usually it means he has to poop or just doesn't want to do or eat something. I admit, he did do alot of laying around after Mass, but he ate lunch and seemed OK, so I sent him off to a birthday party.

Oops. The mom had to call me to come get him early because he was crying that his stomach hurt. When I got there he was lying in a ball in the corner sleeping. We made it home just in time for him to throw up all over the bathroom. Awesome. I felt horrible.

This was pretty much how he spent the rest of the day and evening. Poor guy!


Eudae-Mamia said...

Poor angel!! Poor Mama.

So how does the average mom score that cool special skin glue?

Being a doc has some major privileges.

And yes, those eye lashes!! Both my boys have them. Not. Fair.

Suzanne said...

Oh Vinnie! Thank goodness for Dermabond.

Hopefully Vinnie isn't old enough to remember this weekend and to remind you forever about the time you weren't there when he fell on the playground and then got sick at a birthday party. Walker still pipes up and reminds me, usually in front of new friends, about the time I rolled up the automatic window on his finger. Even though it was an accident, I'll never live it down.

Laura said...

Can I use that glue on my 10 years old MOUTH????????

Michele Renee said...

I noticed those giant spider eyelashes before I saw your line about them -- gorgeous! I ask my youngest if I can cut a few off of his and glue them on mine. He said no way. What's with all the hurling? Mine hardly ever. Now that i wrote that I'd better be prepared, huh?

Michelle said...

As far as I know only docs can get the Dermabond. Great stuff. Bascially it is just expensive/glorified super glue!

Andrea said...

I hope he feels better soon!

It really is hard to tell when they are just "crying wolf" or are actually sick. . . don't beat yourself up!