Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Joey!

Today is Joey's 7th birthday! As is typical for me, I spent the day thinking about that day 7 years ago. "Oh, I was just going into labor right now!" "I remember when Peter had to sneak me in a bagel because the nurse said I couldn't eat!" And, at 3 pm today, "He's here!"

Joey, 7 years ago

Joey on his first birthday.

When I think of Joey, I think about sports! It seems like that kid was born playing sports. At a young age he was coordinated enough to swing a bat and kick a ball.

Here was at 2 years old at one of Zachary's t-ball games. They would let him hit the ball between innings.

Here he is at 3 years old playing soccer.

He also participates in karate and is currently a purple belt.

Last year joey was in coach pitch baseball.

Here he is last Fall playing soccer.

I have already mentioned how great a skier he already is. Here he is tearing up the slopes.

This year Joey is in single A baseball and doing a great job (despite the fact that he seems to be half the size of so many of the kids out there!)

Joey is not just a great athlete, but an awesome all around kid! He is a sweet and loving boy, and won't go to sleep without a "Good Dream Kiss" from me on his forehead, and always has one for me. He loves school and always tries his best. I just love to see him get so excited about reading books. He is a wonderful big and little brother, always looking up to Zach, while keeping an eye out for Christopher and Vinnie. He is a good and loyal friend, careful not to hurt others feelings.

I think back to that moment 7 years ago when I first set eyes on his sweet baby face, and I think of how I couldn't have asked for a greater kid! (well, one that doesn't dawdle so much in the morning would have been nice too...)

I love you Joey!!


cardiogirl said...

What a great post! I love seeing how he's changed each year.

I thought I was the only mother who watched the clock on each of their birthdays and re-lived the memory.

Happy Birthday Joey, hope you have a great day!

Suzanne said...

I agree, Joey's athleticism is impressive but he's an all-around great kid!