Sunday, March 29, 2009

Laser tag!

We celebrated Joey's birthday today with a laser tag party. Talk about a boys' dream party! Running through dark mazes, shooting lasers at each other. They had a great time!

Joey, captain of the red team

Joey with all his friends.

After booking the party, I was informed by them that no homemade cakes were allowed, only store bought! Something about controlling for allergy foods. Totally ridiculous, since there is no way of knowing what is in a store bought bakery item. No way was I going to buy store bought! So I went to Michael's craft store and bought one of those bakery boxes. I love that store.

When I asked Joey what he wanted, he said a Star Wars cake/cupcakes. Since we were having a laser tag party, I decided to go with light sabers.

I used fondant to make little light sabers. Really easy, especially compared to some of my previous cake/cupcake adventures! Thanks Laura for the awesome homemade buttercream frosting recipe!

Nobody questioned where the cupcakes came from. I figured it was because my cupcakes looked so professional they could only come from a bakery. Peter said it was because the pimple faced kid running our party could care less about some corporate rule concerning store bought items. hmph!Make a wish!


Michele Renee said...

That is a crazy rule that was meant to be broken. There are some schools around here with same rule but luckily not ours. What a sweet and athletic boy you have!

Suzanne said...

What a fantastic party and of course, great cupcakes! Has anyone there asked to hire you to bake for them? I foresee that in your future.

cardiogirl said...

I, too, am impressed with your baking/decorating skills. However, I did hop over to Laura's site and could not find the recipe for the frosting.

Could I have the recipe please (or a link to the recipe)?

Thanks in advance!

Laura said...

great job! another party well done.