Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter started for us on Saturday night with the Easter Vigil Mass (which is the late night Mass for you non-Catholics out there). We had attended that Mass when I was baptized and confirmed Catholic and I really enjoyed it. We decided it was too late for the kids, so we left them home with a babysitter. We came home to find the younger three all piled into one twin bed. They looked like a litter of puppies, all piled together.

The kids woke up the next morning to find the traditional trail of jelly beans leading them to their Easter baskets. Zachary woke up later than the other boys, and found his basket on his own.

The Easter bunny went with a "pool theme" this year, leaving a new bathing suit, swim shirt, and swim goggles in their baskets.

Of course, he also left plenty of chocolate, which the kids indulged in for breakfast! (and lunch)

We then went over to my mother-in-laws house for the Eater egg hunt and brunch. The hunt is quite the big deal, with even the college kids participating in it! We have 2 hunts--the younger kid hunt for the kids under 10 years, and the older kid hunt for the over 10 crowd.

Christopher had a great time scooping up all the eggs he could.

Joey was such a blur I couldn't even get a picture of him!

Vinnie, my sweet dreamer, took his time.

Christopher loved showing off his loot!

Joey also showed me all his candy.

After the little kids were done, the adults went back out to hide the big kid eggs.

The egg hunt is serious business for these guys! Big kid eggs frequently have money in them, mostly ones with some fives and tens for the lucky ones!

Zachary scored $25 from the hunt! I am telling you, there is serious money to be had!

Shortly after the hunt, the weather went from cold and gray to freezing and wet. It poured the rest of the day and night, but that didn't put a damper on a great day with good food and family.


Suzanne said...

The boys are changing so much. I see it mostly in Christopher as he transforms from baby to little boy.

On a practical note, how many eggs do you think get hidden and who subsidizes the hunt, especially the big kid prizes?

Michelle said...

Suz-- I can't even begin to guess the number of eggs--hundreds for sure. We all bring in a big bag of eggs with candy, little toys and money. I throw in some money, not a ton. I probably put in a total of 15. Since zach came out with $25 we came out ahead! i probably brought 75-100 eggs on my own.

Kathy Howard said...

I still remember that egg hunt with Ally very fondly. What a great family tradition. It inspired us to do our own outdoor hunt every year, rain or snow!