Monday, December 6, 2010

Until next season...

Wow! I am behind on blogging. I am struggling to find the time these days. In other words, the usual!
The Contini boys all wrapped up their Fall sports seasons last month.

Christopher had a great time with soccer. Next year he will be old enough to play on a "real" team! He is more than ready.

Vinnie's season ended in the freezing, pouring down rain. It was absolutely miserable watching the games, I can't even imagine the poor kids playing!

Vinnie was a trooper though, and didn't complain!

He had a great season and was a real solid player. He probably would have been even better if he wasn't chattering constantly on the field!

He loved his trophy and couldn't wait to add it to his "collection".

Joey's baseball season was next to end. While his team struggled, it was a great learning experience for Joey, and he really improved his skills.

He finally came out of his hitting slump and knocked a few to the outfield! I can't wait to see how he does in Little League this Spring.

Zachary's team played a tough team in the first round of the play-offs. As usual it was an unusually warm game. Zach was hoping for a rainy game all season, but never got it. He is number 4 above, lining up against the huge guy. Yep, our team was physically one of the smallest in the division. We ended the season 4-4 though. The play-off game was surprisingly close, and in fact we would have tied except for a bad call by the ref.

Lots of family came to cheer Zachary on.

Coach Saul presented Zach with his "helmet trophy" which I thought was fun compared to the usual plastic gold trophy crap we usually get.

Last to finish up this year was Joey's flag football team. The tournament was a series of 4 games in mostly pouring down rain. Once again, miserable to watch! The few pictures I took were during the brief breaks in the rain.

Although it was Joey's first year playing, he did great and was a real solid player as well.

He is pushing to play tackle football next year, like Zachary. While I do not have concerns about the "tackle" portion (heck, it can't be any worse than the pummeling that goes on in our living room on a nightly basis!). I am concerned about the time commitment and really long, tough work outs. Joey is a whiner and I do not want to hear him griping before every practice! Oh well, we have a few months to decide.

Way to go Team Contini!

Usually the winter is our break from sports, but Zach is starting rugby this week! Pete played in college and is thrilled. I am guessing Zachary will get his wish to play in the rain. I am looking forward to learning a new sport!


Cynthia said...

Sheesh, I can't imagine how you keep track of everyone. What an athletic family. Girls are so different. Erin never played sports, Dad took care of me with softball and Kelly is in choir!
Rugby is really cool. We have a club team here at SHU and I know a lot of guys on it. It's apparently a really fun sport to play.

Suzanne said...

You and Pete do an amazing job of keeping everyone involved in organized sports. You deserve trophies for getting everyone where he is supposed to be for game time.