Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lego Party!

So yesterday I did something I swore I would never do again--we had a birthday party at our house. We had one 3 years ago when Vinnie was 4. It was the longest 2 hours of my life! But like childbirth and running a marathon, you forget the pain and decide it really wasn't that bad. Vinnie wanted a Lego party, so I decided to do it!

I got the templates for all the stuff online at Living Locurto. I used them to make personalized bookmarks for the kids and bubbles. I also found lego candy on Amazon.

I attempted to make lego head cake pops. It was my first attempt at cake pops, and had no idea how big they were supposed to be. It was a disaster. They were too big and fell off the sticks. Then the food pens wouldn't write on them. After a few I decided to cut my losses and scrap the idea.

Forget the cake pops, look at that hideous tile! We are remodeling our kitchen this summer. Woo hoo!

Ugh. It is hard for me to admit baking defeat. I will try them again at some point. I had better luck with the cake. It was a bit challenging to frost the marshmallow knobs, but the cake was otherwise simple. When Vinnie saw it he exclaimed "You are the best baker ever! Well, second best after the person that does those Baskin Robbins cakes!" I need to make sure he never watches Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss or I will really be bumped down!

Waiting for the party to start!

The first activity was the building activity. I had a huge pile of legos in the center and the boys each built something. This kept them busy for a while, and they came up with some pretty amazing items! I took a picture of each child with their item and Vinnie to use as a thank you card. They got to take home their creation as part of their goody bag.

The next activity was the "jello pinch". I had 3 big bowls of jello with legos in it. The boys picked the pieces of legos out with chopsticks. First team to finish won. It was a lot of fun, my favorite activity of the day.

After taking a break for pizza we went out back for an obstacle course. Pete was in charge of this activity, and it was pretty amazing! Based on the noise level I think the boys had a blast. The activity itself wasn't lego related, but was a great way to get the boys moving. Pete suggested we try and bean the kids with legos as they were running by.

Then it was cake time!

After cake time we had a lego relay race. The kids scooped a lego brick out of a bowl with a spoon, then ran it down to the other side, putting it the other bowl.
Vinnie with his loot. Having a lego party guarantees lots of lego gifts!! Vinnie is thrilled.

And us? We had fun! The party really went well!


Suzanne said...

You went all out! A fantastic party for a fantastic kid. So, what's the verdict now on home parties?

HeroCakePops said...

I loved the lego cake pops! Great job.

monkeyDluffy said...

Loved this party! We did a few Lego parties ourselves this year. They are the best! I LOVED your cake pops! Sooo cute! Who doesn’t love a Lego party?

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