Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rugby time!

Zachary had his first rugby game a week ago. It was a lot of fun! Pete had to explain the game to me, which is cross between football and soccer.

I learned lots of new terms like "scrum" and "ruck".

Zachary did great! Even against the player above who was easily 3 times his size!

He was fast!

Here he is scoring a "try", which is what they call a touchdown. Good try Zach!

After the game (they won) they spent a little time scrimmaging each other.

The weather was beautiful. I am guessing we won't be so lucky for the rest of the season (although this weekend is also supposed to be nice). Apparently there is no such thing as "weather delay" in rugby, so we are in for a few cold and wet ones! Bring it on!


msb said...

So glad both parents know how to deal with heads hitting each other!! No helmets - scary :)

cardiogirl said...

At first I thought he was playing soccer. Then I thought it was football. Then I re-read your first paragraph (and paid attention) and realized it's rugby.

Is rugby a mix between soccer and football?

Nice job on the photos!

Suzanne said...

I am dizzy from watching Zach move all over the field.

Jen said...

Weather delays? All I can see is grass and that means no snow and that means it's warmer than freezing. And that means heaven!