Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Update

I haven't felt like there has been a whole lot to post about this month, so decided to lump a few small things together.

The first weekend of February I went down to Southern California. This was supposed to be for my marathon. Unfortunately I am still having discomfort with normal walking, so am still not even close to getting back on the road. But I already had the plane ticket, and my cousin was having a baby shower so I went anyway.

It was great hanging out with my Mom without the kids (although she probably would have preferred to have the boys there!). We got a mani-pedi and went to my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. I loved seeing my Aunts and cousins.

My mom, grandma, and 4 aunts. Nice looking bunch, aren't they!

The part that sucked? First of all I missed the end of the Superbowl sitting on the airplane home. The worst part though was all the people in the Orange County airport wearing their marathon shirts. Then the guy that sat across the aisle from me was wearing his shirt AND his medal. What a dweeb. I was pretty bitter about it. If something like this happens again I will make a point to steer clear of the race and the town it is in. Sigh...

Then there was Valentines Day. I spent the weekend before making these little goody bags for the kids' class parties.

Aren't they adorable? I had to make 75 of them. 30 for Joey's class, 30 for Vinnie's class and 15 for Christopher's class. Nobody tells you about stuff like this when you are deciding how many kids to have. I think this type of information (along with the number of damn school projects kids are required to do) would be a lot more useful than hearing about the anticipated cost of putting them all through college. Just saying.

Zach was honored yesterday for making the Principals List at school, which is for kids who made a 4.0. Way to go Zach! I was surprised at the number of kids who made straight A's. There was also a lot who made Honor Roll (3.5- 3.99 GPA). As I was watching these kids walk up to get their pins, I was struck by how many I have known since they were in kindergarten and how they have changed! Time is truly flying.

Zach with his pin. And a haircut! I am so sad. I just loved his hair long. I guess I can't complain--I have a kid who gets straight A's.

I was also struck by what an interesting age this is developmentally. There were kids who are still so small and look like they would fit in back at the grammar school, and others who were taller than the teachers and clearly in the throes of puberty, with the acne and boobs to prove it. Funny!


And what are we doing this weekend? Packing and heading out for our annual ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah. While packing for a family of six for a week of skiing totally bites (also something you don't hear about before you have kids!), the trip is always amazing and worth it.

Off to pack!

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Suzanne said...

Every time I see a photo of you withnyour mom, aunts and grandma, I get a warm feeling because I know how close you all are and because, darn. Who wouldn't want such strong and youthful genes!

I know just the hole in the wall of which you speak andvmy mouth is watering.

Adorable valentines. I am putting a reminder on my calendar for mid-January next year. I want to be better prepared.

Way to go, Zachary! That is wonderful!